下面是一些对使用TryMyUI作为可用性研究平台感兴趣的人提出的一些常见问题. 如果你没看到你的问题, please submit it using the Feedback tab and we will get back to you.

如果你是TryMyUI测试员, 请查看Tester 常见问题解答页面寻求帮助.








每月99美元的个人计划, 你每个月可以获得5个测试积分,每个积分由一个用户的视频和书面回复组成(总共5个结果). 额外的积分可以花45美元购买.

这比招募你自己的用户小组并进行现场测试要少得多. It’s also considerably less than some other user testing sites out there.

以0美元的价格获得你的前5个结果 现在就注册免费试用!


积分用于从DET365的用户面板订购测试结果. One credit costs between $25-$45 depending on your plan type, 并可订购一个用户的测试结果.

You can buy credits on an ad-hoc basis, or get monthly credit allowances on our 团队或企业计划.

积分只适用于在TryMyUI面板上订购测试. If you provide your own users, you can test with them using a separate count of invites.


Our 计划 differ in the amount of credits received per month, 额外学分的费用, and in the number of advanced features to help you analyze results quickly, 量化和基准你的可用性, 并且很容易与同事和利益相关者分享发现.

看到一个 DET365的功能的完整列表在这里.


You can always pay month to month with TryMyUI – no long-term contract necessary! DET365知道每一种产品 用户体验团队 has its own budget and schedule challenges; we stay flexible, so you can too.


第一个, 每个计划以10个月的价格购买12个月, saving you between a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. When you buy a year of any plan, you get all 12 months’ worth of credits up front. 这种方式, 你将有最大的控制权来决定你想要如何分配这些积分(并邀请你自己的测试者)全年.



是的! If you run out of your monthly allowance of credits on your plan, 或者你只需要收集比平时更多的结果, 你可以花25美元购买额外的积分, $35, 或者45美元一个,这取决于你的计划类型.


你购买的额外积分永远不会过期. Until you use them to order a test, they will stay in your account.

DET365基于订阅的 计划, you receive a monthly allowance of credits for ordering tests. 这些积分不滚动. Any that are unused at the end of your monthly payment cycle will be lost.

然而, if you purchase an annual plan you get all year to use your credits.



You get a narrated video of each user navigating your website, 应用程序, 或原型, 一边走一边说他们喜欢什么,不喜欢什么.

你可以看到他们的全屏(不仅仅是浏览器窗口),还有鼠标的移动和手指的手势. You hear them say everything they’re 看到ing, 读ing, 认为ing, and doing. In addition, you get their written answers to customizable post-test questions.

根据您的计划类型,您还将获得 先进的定量数据.

Get 5 FREE user testing videos with FULL quantitative features now:

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对于大多数测试,你的结果将在3-6小时内准备好. 然而, the turnaround time is related to the strictness of your demographic filters, 因此,如果你的要求非常具体——特别是如果你有自定义标准或筛选问题——DET365可能会花更长的时间来找到合格的用户. In such cases, it may take up to 24-36 hours for us to completely fulfill your order.


您目前可以按性别筛选测试人员池, 年龄, 收入范围, 居住的国家, 教育水平, 家庭地位, 社交网络使用情况, 就业类型, 和更多的. 您还可以添加自己的自定义资格标准, 例如:必须是一个狂热的游戏玩家, 或者去年一定去海外度假过. 你想要进一步的控制吗? 让DET365知道!


TryMyUI’s user pool is comprised of normal people we recruit online. 在为DET365的客户进行测试之前,DET365所有的小组成员都必须通过资格测试,以证明他们发声和解释自己想法的能力.


TryMyUI根据用户专注于任务的能力和清楚地表达他们的一切的能力来筛选候选用户, 看到, 读, 认为, 或者当他们与你的网站互动时. 这样你就可以获得高质量的、深入洞察的反馈,而无需花费高昂的成本进行用户测试.

DET365不断地使用评级系统重新评估DET365的测试人员,以确保DET365交付的结果是有价值的, 有意义的, 和可操作的.


最好的办法就是 试一试 看看. 但如果你真的想了解它……

使用TryMyUI网站, 你提交你想要测试的URL,并呈现一个通用的场景和一组测试人员要遵循的任务. 例如, 情景可能是:“你被邀请参加一个非常豪华的鸡尾酒会,正在找一双黑色的鞋子来搭配你的衣服。”. 任务可能包括:

  • 谈谈你将如何去寻找完美的鞋.
  • Which factors are most important to you in looking for a pair of shoes?
  • Come up with a listing of candidate shoes you’re interested in.
  • 哪些是你能接受的价格? 排除那些不重要的.
  • 确保你喜欢的鞋子有适合你的尺码.
  • Make a final decision about which shoe you are going to buy. 你的下一步是什么?
  • 你现在不想买,如果你关闭浏览器,然后再回来,你怎么完成购买?

最后,您指定您的人口统计标准,并指出您想要多少测试用户. TryMyUI presents this scenario and task script to its pool of qualified testers. 当用户在你的网站上完成任务时,他们的屏幕和声音会被“录像”. At the end of the 10-20 minute test, they also fill out a written questionnaire. Very soon afterwards, the narrated video and the written summary are delivered to you.


绝对! 而不是使用DET365的测试人员,您可以测试与无限数量您自己的用户在DET365的 企业计划,或与多达10个你自己的用户每月 团队计划.





  • 市场验证——想过一般的客户是如何接近你所在的细分市场或行业的吗? 假设您是一家销售数码相机的在线零售商. 为什么不做一个一般性的测试,问一问:你会如何利用网络找到最适合你的数码相机? 了解潜在客户如何接近市场. 他们访问了哪些网站? 是什么让他们去那里的? 他们在想什么?
  • 竞争对手分析——是否想知道客户对竞争对手的网站或产品的看法? Why not use TryMyUI on your competitors’ websites and find out?
  • 概念化——你不需要一个实时的网站,甚至不需要一个可点击的原型来从TryMyUI中获益. You can get immediate user reactions to your static concepts, marketing mess年龄s and so on before you even have a working website.


  • 早期原型——把你的原型放在用户面前,帮助指导你的设计和优先级,永远不会太早. 敏捷开发方法促进涉众(包括潜在客户)将验收测试作为每个开发冲刺的一部分. TryMyUI is a great way to get user feedback in the early st年龄s of development.
  • Beta版和产品版——使用TryMyUI来评估总体用户印象,以及发布后的每个预期用例.
  • 新DET365——在推出新DET365之前和之后,使用TryMyUI测试您开发的每个新DET365.


We recommend testing with 4-6 users to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. 用户太少, you may or may not get representative feedback; and while any testing is better than none, 最好确保你的结果是可靠的. Testing with 15 users will uncover virtually all of the major usability issues, 20个或更多的将提供统计上重要的数据. 然而, 只有5到6个用户, you will probably have al读y 看到n several actionable themes to work on.


Statistically significant conclusions cannot be derived from a few samples. 但是有了旁白视频,你实际上是在通过别人的眼睛看你的网站. 这本身就能给你提供几个“啊哈”时刻, 当你意识到用户的心理模型, 术语的解释, and reaction to your website content is quite different than what you imagined. 这些信息的深度说明了为什么用户会这样做,并为您提供了足够的洞察力来决定是否应该纠正它.


Web log analytics – 我可以查看我的web日志,看看用户做了什么. TryMyUI添加了什么?

优秀点! DET365同意web日志有丰富的有用信息,可以帮助您理解用户正在使用的功能, 哪些页面最吸引人, 等. 然而, 尽管web日志, 甚至像谷歌Analytics这样的工具, 回答许多关于用户正在做什么的问题, they don’t shed much light on “why” they are doing what they are doing. 为了了解“为什么”,你需要询问用户. At TryMyUI, we’re trying to facilitate this deep interaction with the user.

Moderated user studies – How does TryMyUI compare with moderated user studies?

There’s no doubt that an expert moderator brings a lot to the table. 就像一个优秀的心理学家, 一个好的版主可以探测用户, 理解他或她的动机而不带偏见. Unfortunately, expert service is both difficult to obtain and expensive. TryMyUI provides several advant年龄s over a moderated usability study:

  • 它的设置非常简单. 您可以在提交场景和任务几个小时内获得测试结果, 这比请可用性测试公司安排第一次会议的时间要少.
  • 这是非常便宜的. For the price of a single moderated usability study involving 5 users, you can have tests from hundreds of users (not that you would want to).
  • 这很容易解释. 您所要做的就是回顾用户执行场景的视频,并阅读他们编写的摘要.

Other remote user testing services – TryMyUI与竞争对手有何不同?

A number of other companies provide remote usability testing services. 在一般情况下, 它们提供的基本数据或多或少都是相同的:当测试者执行一系列任务时,屏幕上的自我叙述视频.

使DET365与众不同的是DET365的工具箱设计使可用性研究更快更容易. We have developed a variety of tools that streamline the user testing process, 包括:UX诊断定量面板, the UXCrowd for ranking usability problems through crowdsourcing, 视频注释,保存关键时刻, 为分享它们而突出显示胶片, Collaborative Analysis for working on research together with your team, and the Executive Summary for generating end-of-study reports.

DET365所做的一切都专注于加深客户对其视频数据的理解, 帮助他们更好更快地分析, 然后合成, 分享, 和迭代!



是的! 创建测试之后, 向下滚动到测试页面的底部,找到“自己参加测试”的链接.” This will allow you to walk through the test exactly how testers will 看到 it.


The “In progress” status means that a tester has begun work on this test, 但视频还没有准备好供观看. A test result is “In progress” as soon as someone begins recording their video feedback.

After the video and other data have been submitted and uploaded to our server, 考试将由DET365的一名评分员进行复核,以确保测试者遵循指导并提供了有用的内容, 高质量的反馈。.

When a grader decides that the test result meets our standards, they 应用程序rove that result and the status changes to “Complete,,到时你就可以查看了.


If for any reason you find a test result unsatisfactory, please rate it 2 stars or lower. 然后,您将自动获得替换结果的选项,无需额外的费用.